Latest Episodes
Episode 2 - Dr. Khaled Khelaifi
Mohammed Saadon takes on a special journey to discover the inspirational story of Dr. Khaled Khelaifi.
Episode 1 - Hassan Al Haydous
First episode of the Path Qatar with Mohammed Saadon. The first episode takes us behind the scenes of the Qatar National Team and Al Saad Striker Hassan Al Haydous.

You probably already know Mohammed Saadon as a former tennis pro, the face of Bein Sports, a brand ambassador, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. But now, you can journey with him as he meets some of the world’s best-known, most talented, and most talked-about celebrities! Every month, a new episode of The Path with Mohammed Saadon sees Mohammed and a special guest leave the TV studio far behind and head out on the road. Together, they’ll explore some of the most famous locations in Qatar, and as they drive, Mohammed will get to know more about each guest. There are no dull formal interviews here; instead, we get to ride along with two buddies out on a road trip, talking about whatever comes up.Away from the spotlights and stuffy atmosphere of the studio, they’ll chat about topics ranging from day-to-day life to the locations they’re visiting; from the highs and lows of their careers to their plans and big dreams for the future.

This innovative web series brings an unscripted, natural style to each interview, and promises to show us a side to the celebrity guests that we don’t always get to see. So, get ready to take a drive with us as we get up close and personal with some of the world’s most famous faces!